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Wednesday 17th July 2019 - 10:10 am

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New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 15 minutes ago. Updated : about 3 hours ago

  • Rape charge in Chatham
  • Margate robbery suspect to appear in court

Checked : about 55 minutes ago. Updated : about 21 hours ago

Checked : about 4 hours ago. Updated : about 12 hours ago

  • Have you seen Matthew Park?
  • Missing Herne Bay woman found

Checked : about 9 hours ago. Updated : about 9 hours ago

  • Woman rescued - Sheerness

Checked : about 6 hours ago. Updated : about 18 hours ago

  • More mental health support workers to be rolled out in Kent schools

Checked : about 13 hours ago. Updated : about 13 hours ago

  • Safety Notice: Bush - Bush LSBBDFO Double Oven
  • Safety Notice: B&Q - Whoosh ceiling fans
  • Recall: Rexel - Rexel Promax Paper Shredder
  • Recall: Rong Kai Toys - Dinosaur Century Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Recall: SGS - Magnastix
  • Recall: Shadowhawk - Rechargeable Tactical X800 Flashlight
  • Recall: Tan Y Castell - Chocolate Chip Griddles
  • Recall: Iceland - 60 Crispy Chicken Dippers (update)

Checked : about 13 hours ago. Updated : about 13 hours ago

  • Tan Y Castell recalls its Chocolate Chip Griddles because they may contain milk which is not mentioned on the label

Checked : about 25 minutes ago. Updated : about 17 hours ago

  • Windmill Organics recalls organic amisa lactose free rice milk chocolate rice cakes because of undeclared milk


Facebook Scam-busting Service Goes Live

Scammers are being targeted by a new tool for UK Facebook users that allows the reporting of fake adverts

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