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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why hasn't my newsletter arrived?

If you have recently subscribed to the newsletter, please bear in mind that we send them out on Tuesday and Friday each week so your first one will not arrive until then.

We use a two stage registration procedure to conform with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After signing up on the web page, we send you an email containing a link that confirms we have used the correct email address. Did you receive this email and click the link?

Check your email spam folder and your other folders to make sure the newsletter has not been misfiled. We also advise that you add admin@e-watch.co to your contact list or address book on your ISP's email system. This identifies our email as coming from a recognised and approved sender.

If none of those solves your problem, please email us as above and we will investigate.

May I send the newsletter to other people?

Please feel free to copy the newsletter email to any of your family, friends or colleagues who might be interested. We advise using "forward as attachment" (see your email client's functions for how to do this) which will retain the features of the original.

How do I change my email address or newsletter content?

Please do not ask us to change your email address, the GDPR rules do not allow us to do it. You must unsubscribe your current email (click the link at the bottom of a recent newsletter) then subscribe again with your new email address.

You can change which areas are included in your copy of the newsletter by logging in to our site using your email address and password (as advised in your welcome email). This page also allows you to change your password or unsubscribe from the newsletter.