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Sunday 12th July 2020 - 08:37 pm

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Please note: Our volunteers are unable to include the crime reports in our updates because of the COVID-19 restrictions. The newsletter and our web site will continue to include news headlines and important information but will not have any new crime reports. The latest crime reports were from Saturday 14th March (newsletter issue 1747). Normal service will resume when the situation changes.
We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

New headlines since the last newsletter was issued...

Checked : about 7 minutes ago. Updated : about 6 hours ago

  • Reports of indecent exposure in Ashford
  • Woman arrested following disturbance in Ramsgate
  • Suspicious fire in Sheerness under investigation
  • CCTV image issued following Deal supermarket burglary
  • CCTV appeal following theft in Canterbury
  • CCTV released as part of Dartford assault investigation
  • Jewellery stolen in Dover burglary

Checked : about 27 minutes ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Medway residents reminded to stay safe following bogus police phone calls
  • Gillingham man charged with witness intimidation
  • Grievous bodily harm and drug charges authorised after assault in Gravesend
  • Drug dealers jailed following police operation in east Kent
  • Suspected Ashford thief charged

Checked : about 12 minutes ago. Updated : about 12 minutes ago

  • Shed fire in Dover
  • Fire in boiler room of Folkestone hotel

Checked : about 12 minutes ago. Updated : over 24 hours ago

  • Ground-breaking new intervention support for Kent’s young people launches


Coronavirus Advice From Which?

Get the latest news and advice on COVID-19, from protecting yourself and your loved ones to the financial support on offer and how to shop safely

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Did Travel Companies Pay Their Way To Better Ratings On Trustpilot?

In May we looked at the ratings for 32 travel companies that pay Trustpilot and 30 that don’t. Those that pay were rated just under four stars. Those that don’t? Just over two.

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What Does It Mean When A Retailer Goes Into Administration?

Retailers have been hit hard this year, but what could companies going into administration mean for you as a customer?

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Doorstep Crime: Why We Need To Be Vigilant

Lockdown restrictions easing may see scammers looking for new ways to take advantage. Have you had a rogue trader knock on your door lately?

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The Summer 2020 Issue Of Watchout WILL NOT BE Sent Out To NW Co-ordinators In West Kent As A Hardcopy

Sorry folks but due to the difficult time’s we are in at the moment there will be no hard copies of this newsletter, please pass it on via e-mail to all your members. Thank you, Julie Walker, editor.

Follow the link below to download the electronic version

Click HERE for full details on the West Kent Neighbourhood Watch Association website.


Latest Fraud Scams

Fraudsters Impersonating Kent Police

Resident in Westerham targeted by water testing scam

Rogue Trader - Impersonating the CALL BLOCKING SERVICE

Microsoft Covid-19 relief funds

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