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On Friday 7th of December between 12:00pm and 8:42pm in Mill Lane. Both number plates were stolen from a VW Golf parked in the road.

Crime Report No. 46/8886/19 - Posted 2019-01-16

Between 2:00pm on Saturday 12th of January and 8:00am on Monday 14th of January in High Street. Persons have entered a property and stolen money and left premises in a mess.

Crime Report No. 46/8456/19 - Posted 2019-01-15

Between 8:30am on Tuesday 25th of December and 11:00pm on Wednesday 26th of December in Baker Lane. A Mercedes motor vehicle has been stolen after the owner lost the keys several months ago.

Crime Report No. 46/7985/19 - Posted 2019-01-15

On Saturday 6th of January around 12:00am in Morley Road. A car parked on a sales forecourt was damaged apparently in an attempt to steal it.

Crime Report No. 46/3980/19 - Posted 2019-01-09

On Sunday 25th of November between 1:00pm and 4:30pm in Mann Square. A window was broken at a residential property.

Crime Report No. 46/2112/19 - Posted 2019-01-06

Between 10:40am on Friday 7th of December and 5:55am on Saturday 8th of December in Angel Lane. A black Carrera Subway 2 bicycle was stolen

Crime Report No. 46/23778/18 - Posted 2018-12-16

On Friday 30th of November between 1:10pm and 2:00pm in Angel Lane. A Toyota Verso parked in a supermarket car park was keyed.

Crime Report No. 46/21793/18 - Posted 2018-12-12

On Monday 10th of December around 8:34pm in Pembury Grove. A window was found smashed.

Crime Report No. 46/21730/18 - Posted 2018-12-11

Between 6:00pm on Wednesday 5th of December and 8:15am on Thursday 6th of December in Medway Wharf Road. A Citroen C3 parked in the road was broken into and a coat was stolen.

Crime Report No. 46/18647/18 - Posted 2018-12-09

On Saturday 1st of December between 7:00am and 1:00pm in Tudeley Lane. Both number plates were stolen from a MG ZS parked in the road.

Crime Report No. 46/15831/18 - Posted 2018-12-02

Between 7:45pm on Wednesday 21st of November and 7:30am on Saturday 24th of November in Mill Lane. Both number plates were stolen from a Chevrolet Cruze LS parked in the road.

Crime Report No. 46/11307/18 - Posted 2018-11-25

Between 6:30pm on Thursday 8th of November and 2:30pm on Friday 9th of November in Tudeley Lane. A vehicles convertible roof was cut open overnight.

Crime Report No. 46/9002/18 - Posted 2018-11-22

On Monday 19th of November around 8:57am in Goldsmid Road. When the owner of a vehicle left the vehicle for a moment upon their return a male was seen leaning into the vehicle looking in the glove box.

Crime Report No. 46/8014/18 - Posted 2018-11-20

On Sunday 4th of November between 4:15pm and 11:59pm in Sovereign Way. The rear window of an Audi S4 was smashed while parked in a car park.

Crime Report No. 46/5676/18 - Posted 2018-11-18

Between 7:30pm on Saturday 10th of November and 10:05am on Sunday 11th of November in Hectorage Road. Rear window to the vehicle has been smashed.

Crime Report No. 46/3475/18 - Posted 2018-11-13

On Saturday 27th of October around 6:05pm in Hectorage Road. A vehicle parked in the road has been stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/039095/18 - Posted 2018-10-29

On Wednesday 17th of October between 7:20am and 11:15am in Vale Road. A white Nissan Qashqai parked outside a residential address had number plates stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/038157/18 - Posted 2018-10-23


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