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bullet Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
Between 5:00pm on Monday 7th of January and 7:30am on Tuesday 8th of January in Spongs Lane. A barn at a farm was broken into and an Ifor Williams Flat bed trailer was stolen.

Crime Report No. 46/11196/19 - Posted 2019-01-20

bullet Frittenden
Between 10:00am on Tuesday 27th of November and 10:00am on Friday 30th of November in Mill Lane. A kiosk at a water treatment plant was broken into. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. 46/15196/18 - Posted 2018-12-02

bullet Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
Between 11:00am on Wednesday 28th of November and 11:00am on Thursday 29th of November in Sissinghurst Road. A compressor was stolen from a cricket pavilion.

Crime Report No. 46/14576/18 - Posted 2018-12-02

bullet Frittenden
Between 5:00pm on Thursday 22nd of November and 5:00pm on Monday 26th of November in Green Lane. An Ifor Williams trailer and a Cubota mini-digger were stolen from a farm field.

Crime Report No. 46/13632/18 - Posted 2018-11-28

bullet Frittenden
On Thursday 22nd of November between 12:01am and 10:15am in Bakery Close. A Peugot Partner van parked in the road was broken into and a hedge trimmer was stolen.

Crime Report No. 46/9891/18 - Posted 2018-11-23

bullet Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
On Wednesday 7th of November between 4:00pm and 4:30pm in The Common. A diagnostic tool was stolen from an unattended insecure vehicle.

Crime Report No. 46/8562/18 - Posted 2018-11-21

bullet Frittenden
Between 5:30pm on Wednesday 14th of November and 1:00pm on Thursday 15th of November in Bubhurst Lane. A barn was broken into. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. 46/5887/18 - Posted 2018-11-18

bullet Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
Between 9:00pm on Monday 12th of November and 7:30am on Tuesday 13th of November in The Common. A storage container was broken into. Welding equipment and copper sheets were stolen.

Crime Report No. 46/6349/18 - Posted 2018-11-18

bullet Frittenden
Between 6:15pm on Friday 26th of October and 7:30am on Saturday 27th of October in Bubhurst Lane. A security light and camera were damaged at a farm. The intruders attempted to start a digger parked on the site but failed.

Crime Report No. YY/039047/18 - Posted 2018-10-28

bullet Cranbrook & Sissinghurst
Between 7:00pm on Monday 22nd of October and 8:00am on Tuesday 23rd of October in Common Road. Two land rovers parked on a farm were broken into. Their bumpers with winches and tools were stolen.

Crime Report No. YY/038379/18 - Posted 2018-10-24


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