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bullet Sandhurst
Between 8:00pm on Saturday 5th of January and 7:30am on Sunday 6th of January in Pound Field. Garage has been broken into as well as van. Tools have been stolen.

Crime Report No. 46/9588/19 - Posted 2019-01-17

bullet Sandhurst
On Friday 4th of January between 7:30am and 5:15pm in Old Orchard. A Suzuki motorbike was stolen from a back garden.

Crime Report No. 46/8304/19 - Posted 2019-01-15

bullet Hawkhurst
On Thursday 13th of December between 2:40am and 12:19pm in All Saints Road. A dog was stolen from a residential garden.

Crime Report No. 46/32615/18 - Posted 2018-12-30

bullet Hawkhurst
On Wednesday 19th of December between 10:30am and 11:25am in Dickens Way. A Peugot Partner van parked in the road was broken into. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. 46/29046/18 - Posted 2018-12-23

bullet Hawkhurst
Between 12:01am on Tuesday 18th of December and 12:00pm on Wednesday 19th of December in Ockley Road. A window was smashed at a residential property apparently by an air pellet.

Crime Report No. 46/28297/18 - Posted 2018-12-23

bullet Hawkhurst
On Friday 14th of December around 12:00am in Fairview. The windscreen wipers were broken off a car parked in the road.

Crime Report No. 46/26768/18 - Posted 2018-12-19

bullet Hawkhurst
Between 4:00pm on Wednesday 12th of December and 1:00pm on Thursday 13th of December in Conghurst Lane. A fence was damaged at a residential property.

Crime Report No. 46/23943/18 - Posted 2018-12-16

bullet Hawkhurst
Between 12:01am on Wednesday 5th of December and 10:00am on Thursday 6th of December in Gunther Close. Two tyres were slashed on a Vauxhall Zafira parked in a driveway.

Crime Report No. 46/22131/18 - Posted 2018-12-12

bullet Hawkhurst
Between 6:30pm on Thursday 15th of November and 9:17am on Friday 16th of November in Red Oak. Windows were smashed at a residential property.

Crime Report No. 46/6314/18 - Posted 2018-11-18

bullet Hawkhurst
Between 12:01am on Sunday 28th of October and 11:59pm on Tuesday 30th of October in Cranbrook Road. Poppy appeal signs have been defaces by graffiti.

Crime Report No. YY/039734/18 - Posted 2018-11-04

bullet Hawkhurst
On Monday 29th of October around 8:31am in Highgate Hill. A red Land Rover Discovery being moved from parking space was keyed by another motorist.

Crime Report No. YY/039300/18 - Posted 2018-10-30

bullet Sandhurst
On Thursday 25th of October around 10:52pm in Rye Road. A VW Transporter van parked in on a driveway was broken into and the ignition was damaged apparently in an attempt to steal the van. The suspect was disturbed by the van alarm being activated and was seen running away. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Crime Report No. YY/039074/18 - Posted 2018-10-28


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